Fragrant Garden Design Firm

FRAGRANT GARDEN Int’l. is a boutique design firm with locations in the Mid-Atlantic, All of Maui, North of San Francisco, and North of San Diego, USA. We delight in helping you create exquisite gardens with international concepts for tranquil spaces where you and your guests may feel the restorative powers of nature.

Using available flowers, shrubs, vines, trees, scuptures, chimes, water features, and more, we’ll assist you to create alluring passages and pathways for aromatic memories for the days and nights spent there.

Japanese Tea Gardens, Intoxicating Night Gardens, Chinese Feng Shui Gardens, Formal French, Wild English, Mystical Indian, Colorful South American, and more. Whether you want Lavender or Rose Fields, Orchards of Sandalwood, Groves of Orange Trees, a melange of many or few, we can do the design and help with your team or bring in our own.

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Rose Petal Emporium

Rose Petal Emporium

Rose Petal Emporium ~ Discover the ecstasy of edible skin care!


All Natural Skin Care, Body Care, Hair Care, & Eco Fragrance

Organic, edible products to nourish & nurture your body, mind, heart & spirit! Delve into a world where your senses reach new levels of ecstasy.

We produce an array of delicious, culinary-themed perfume, cologne, skincare, body care, room spray, massage oils, and more.

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Eco Luxury HQ


Eco Luxury HQ

Eco Luxury HQ

Mindfulness is caring about yourself, other people, the ethical care of animals, and the planet. Eco Luxury is about choosing sustainable products & brands when selecting hotels, housewares, automobiles, homes, food, restaurants, clothing, personal care products, and other items for during the course of your day. Learn more about this on our Facebook blog ~ ECO LUXURY HQ


Ecstatic Lifetyles

Ecstatic Lifestyles

What is an ecstatic lifestyle? Designing your ideal life isn’t just about the linen you use or your designer clothes. In fact, living the good life is less about the externals of your life and more about what’s going on inside. ECSTATIC LIFESTYLES is a brand dedicated to letting you know about your lifestyle options, the ones which truly uplift and inspire you. Learn more as you read our blog on Facebook ~ ECSTATIC LIFESTYLES