AXIS AVANTE GROUP began is 1996, when Teresa first discovered Feng Shui wisdom. It was 4th of July and she was cleaning out her closets at home, when her roommate’s mom came over to feed the cat and saw what she was doing. “You better study feng shui,” the mom said. And so, Teresa set off to study this intriguing subject. She studied it all weekend long, and didn’t stop there. She continued to study with teachers from around the world.

Teresa became a professional Feng Shui Consultant, working with residential and commercial clients. Then we envisioned Eco Luxury HQ as a hub for clients to learn ore about living in harmony with the nature around them. Soon, interior design, architecture, landscape, and related design projects included Eco Perfume, Eco Fragrance, Home Spray, et al.

Eco Village Design, Housesitting, Staging, Spa Feng Shui, Eco Rentals, Lifestyle Consulting, and more ideas kept flowing. Teresa now offers a wide range of natural living services for consumers and businesses. As you incoprate more organic materials in your home, garden, and place of business, you will reap the benefits of Eco Living Lifestyles.

Today, Teresa has crews in the Mid-Atlantic, Northern California, and Southern California, as well as Maui. If you would like to discuss your projects with her, please contact her via this link below, or call:

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CONTACT US for more information.

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